Friday, December 16, 2011

Karly's Cupboard

My little sister, Karly, inherited this from her sister-in-law.  Hey sister-in-law of mine, are you reading this?!  Got any awesome furniture you don't want anymore??  Just kidding, T-Bone.   (Uh oh, I pulled out the Jackson boy's nickname for her, now I'm in trouble!)  Anyhooly hoo, there really was nothing wrong with the gorgeous wardrobe, cupboard, cabinet, whatever you want to call it, but Karly's into black.  Are you a Goth-in-hiding, Karly? Don't pretend like you don't wear skull and cross bones leggings under your jeans...   So the cabient. I like it either way, but I think it looks fabulous and classy dressed up in black.
Way to go, Karls.  And isn't that apple green fabuloso in the kitchen?!  Mmmm hmmmm!  Makes me want to eat healthy. For the moment.  Because it's green.  Green is good for you, I tell my kids.  Unless it's a froot loop.  Okay I'm done now, go on with your day!  

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