Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Before and After BOOTS by Shelley!

You know what's on my chistmas list?  Well among about 89 other things, patterned duct tape!!!  I first saw a "duct tape repurpose" from my sassy sister, Trista Shutt.  Okay, not my blood sister, but I'm sure we're cousins way down the line somewhere....  like ancestors of the vikings or something.  She remade a purse and you can see it HERE if you happened to miss it *gasp*.  THEN... Brittany from Crafty Mischief linked up the little shoes she duck taped up to my Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday party and my pal Shelley (who lives south of the border and I'm not sure why boots are in her daughter's possession) saw them and got inspired to take the idea and run with it!  Okay, before you tell me how cold it can be in Mexico Senora Whals, I admit - I'm guilty of packing boots in my suitcase when we vacation there!!  Here's the before. Pretty rough, eh?

Oh yeah!  You got a pair you wanna do this to now, right?!  But before you do....  beware of my another friend of mine who tried this, Cara from the Sheet Boutique....  here's what she had to say:

" I did one boot and it looked awesome. I was so excited and had myself psyched up to take a fashion risk and actually wear them. Then I tried to put it on and it didn't fit. I couldn't get my foot in the boot so apparently the tape had pulled the fabric in tighter in the front of the foot (around the top where you shin meets your foot). I made a cut there and retaped and was then able to pull the boot on. But at that point, the top layer of fabric pulled away from the zipper at the back. It was a mess."

Anyways, maybe we should have duct tape link up party sometime, what do you all have to say about that?!  Are there enough people out there doing awesome things with duck tape?!  (Urg, I never know if I should spell it "duct" or "duck".  Seems like the stores don't either, I looked!


  1. That is so... strange... and cool! I don't have any idea of what I would repurpose with duct (duck?! you're right, which one is it?!) tape but I bet I can find something! Hmmmm, there is that one purse with the hole in it! lol

  2. These look fabulous. What an amazing idea. Wish I would have seen it before doing my clothing refashion series. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love you to stop by DIY Home Sweet Home

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on. Come over and check it out.
    P.S.S. I have a linky every Monday would love you to stop by Monday and link up.

  3. I am FAMOUS!! WOOT WOOT!!! OK Kams, I did the tape while the girls were wearing them, that will solve the not being able to get their foot in, but what if it gets stuck in the boot, UH OH!!! No, we did not have an issue! Oh and FYI My girls LOVE boots and wore them all summer even when it WAS hot:)

  4. My grandaughter would DIE for a pair of these! So you can actually get DUCT tape in this pattern--and others? Who knew? And it actually stays on? (Hold on. Duct tape sticks to everything, right?) Do you have to match the print like you would with wallpaper?

  5. Kammy, I'm so glad that Shelly's turned out. They are adorable. I'm not giving up yet though... I've got a pair of flats that are screaming for some leopard print duct tape. The zebra print is really cute too.

  6. Thanks for the mention! I love the boots! Maggie has some that are pretty scuffed up, it looks like I need to pull the duct tape out again!

  7. SOOO Cute! Who needs to pay for fancy printed boots when you can duct tape them?

  8. Wow, I love these! Just bought some leopard duct tape too! (Also, my name is Kami too... and I have a book coming out in Jan where the girl uses duct tape to solve her problem!) Cool idea. Thanks for sharing!


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