Friday, January 27, 2012

Free Frosty's! Free Pam Spray! And More, OH MY!

Happy FREEBIE FRIDAY everyone!  I just made that up, I really don't do Freebie Friday  -okay maybe once or twice I have, but don't look for it to be a regular thing on the Korner!!!  Unless of course it's in high demand!! :)  I just like to share a good deal now and then!!

Donate just $1 to the Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption at participating Wendy's and receive a key chain that gets you a FREE junior size frosty for the WHOLE YEAR!  (Pretty sure it's with purchase).  Who doesn't love a sweet treat after their meal though?  Just flash you key chain and bingo, free frosty.  Sometimes for a late night snack, hubby and I would go through and get a value fries and a free frosty.  Mmmmm, makin gthem 50 cents each! :)

Want some free Pam Spray?  Print off the rebate here:

Make sure to pick up a Valentine’s Day Friend Pack from McDonalds!!  Just don't make the mistake I made at Halloween time and buy 20 of them!!!  I went a little KA-RAZY seeing all the free stuff and didn't realized they expired Dec. 31st and we had 60 free hamburgers to eat before then!  Well shoot, THAT must be the reason I'm on this mad diet now to fit back into my jeans!  The last week in December, we would go in to McDonald's and just give them the whole sheet of coupons and they would give them ALL to us free.  I used the milks and apple slices in my sons lunch for school.  Turned out okay.  Plus was fun to hand the kid in line behind you a coupon for a free ice cream cone and suddenly become their best friend. :)
Each friend pack is $1 and has 12 coupons for FREE items that can be used by kids ages 12 and under. Below is a list of the coupons included…
  • FREE Apple Dippers (3 of these)
  • FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jug (3 of these)
  • FREE Small Cone (3 of these)
  • FREE Hamburger (3 of these)
Coupons are valid from 2/14 – 5/29.
Available only at participating McDonald’s locations. Be sure to contact your local store before heading out. Locator.

Many Walmart stores have Enfamil Formula 8 oz. Cans for $4.77. Use this $5 off print coupon to make it better than FREE.

That's all for now, I hear little Miss Sunshine in her crib!  Oh to be able to sleep until noon......... :)

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