Sunday, January 29, 2012

Signs from Old Christmas Decor

Most thrift stores have all of their christmas items at least half off now.  It's a great time to scarf up stuff for repurposing!  I bought these for 50 cents each, with no intention of leaving them with their cheerful themes.  Not that I was going to make them depressing.. :)
Here are the same signs, with a little of my favorite thing - paint! - and some help from stencils!

A little tip when stenciling words.  Start with the middle and work your way out!  That way you have less of a chance of being off centered.  Unless of course you're like a few firstborns that I know and have it all carefully measured out, drawn on with pencil FIRST, and know right down to the "i" dot how it'll look before you start.  Middle children like me just guess, cross our fingers, and if it's a little off centered, add a graphic to fill in the extra space. :)
Since the wood was painted a light color underneath my coat of light gray chalk paint (homemade of course), distressing it with the usual sanding method didn't work.  So with the extra dark gray paint on my stencil brush, I just brushed along the corners and edges, smearing it a little with my finger tip until I got the right look.  Easy peasy!  That's what we're all about on the Korner!

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  1. Love it! Looks so much better. Okay I am firstborn but still kind of cross my fingers and "wing it" when it comes to projects.
    Always love to see what you come up with!

  2. What a great idea! I will definitely have to try this - I love the grey color! (and I have to confess, I'm a firstborn with a middle child mentality along with Tami!)

  3. love this... i do this repurposing thing ALL THE TIME... I just made a sign on the back of my Christmas mantle sign for V day that reads "WE love because HE first loved us" .... dbl the use when you use the back!!! :) just flip it over

  4. I think you did a great job of making the seasonal signs turn into something that work all year. So practical.

  5. You are #176 at Vintage Revival's favorite blogs!

  6. Middle child here completely I picked up a few Christmas castoffs last week thanks for the tip of starting in the middle.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  7. Love these. What a great idea...I've never thought to pick up last season's stuff at the thrift shop. Thanks so much for sharing. Found you through TT&J.


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