Thursday, January 26, 2012

A 10 Minute Footstool Redo

Look what 50 cents can buy!  Of course I'm gonna hand over two quarters for that!  Are you crazy?
I know I could just slap the new fabric on top, but I like to see the "history".  Man, how I love history now and how I wish I would have paid attention in school!  Why did I not ever think there was more to life than the cute boy messing with my hair behind me?  I feel like I have so much to catch up on now.  So kids, if you're in school, pay attention!  You might wish you had someday.  Not that I regret dropping out of math in 10th grade... now that I have never needed!
Recognize that fabric?  Yup, leftovers from my two chairs in the kitchen.  I decided to not even paint the legs.  For now.  Hey, chippy is in, right?  Although, these look more like the vacuum cleaner rammed them a few too many times than "chippy"...  but I don't have time to paint right now - I'm potty training a little stinker!!  Pray for me! :)
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  1. We are potty training her as well! Good luck!
    Cute little stool :)


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