Monday, February 6, 2012

Creamy Sausage Tomato Soup

  I would say this post is perfect for blustery winter days, but actually we really haven't had any lately and I'm actually considering marinating some chicken for the grill!  This weather is WONDERFUL and I'm actually okay with the fact I live in Michigan this winter.  And actually, it was so nice yesterday that my five year old and I walked a couple miles and didn't even need coats!  Actually, I think that word should be banned from usage in the rest of this post.  Do you actually agree with me?  Or not...

My apologies for those of you who visit Kammy's Korner looking for recipes.  It's been awhile since I've posted one for a few reasons. 1) My taste tester Susan moved to Texas.  Boooooo.  She came over at least once a week for some Kammy concoction and gave it the "has potential with a few tweeks", "sure wouldn't make that again", and  BLOG WORTHY!".  2) I forget to take pictures and/or write down how I made it.  3) We've been having a few too many Hot N' Ready's!

Well Susan, since recipes is what you crave most, this is for you -  my fellow soup-loving-pal!  I will try to post one at least every two weeks.  Hold me accountable! :)  Tobin declared this one "blog worthy" so if you trust the taste buds of a five year old (oh and hubby loved it too) then cook it up for supper tonight and let me know how ya liked it!

Creamy Sausage Tomato Soup
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(note: this pic was taken before I tweaked it, so you can't see all the pasta!  :)  Oops.)
1 8 oz brick of cream cheese
1 cup milk
1 46 oz can of tomato juice
2-3 cups small shell pasta
1-2 pounds ground sausage
1 Tbls sweet basil
1 Tbls dry crushed red pepper

1. On medium heat, melt cream cheese into milk. Stir until creamy.

2. Add tomato juice, 1-2 pounds cooked (browned and drained) ground sausage, sweet basil, and crushed red pepper.

3. Boil pasta shells until soft and add them to the soup.  (Reason for doing them separate is I don't think you want to boil the dairy, but hey, I'm no chef).  Enjoy with some french bread and a salad!  Mmmmm.

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