Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gray and Yellow Sunny Little Tables. Hmmm...

They were in such rough shape that the lady at St. Vincent De Paul said I could take them both for $5.  Sold, Ma'am.
First thing to do was peel the gold off....
I wanted them to be a super bright yellow, but alas, I had mixed white with my super bright yellow for anothe project.  Drat.  I squeezed a tube of bright yellow acrylic into my paint that I found, and it helped a little, but not as much as I wanted.  Oh well, we use what we have 'round these parts.  The using my 40% coupon at JoAnn's I paid a whoppin' 60 cents for the whimsical little stencil.
I'm not sure I'm in love with them, but I think they are a little fun and they're growing on me.  Might be darling in a gray and yellow nursery!  The tops have patches of bumpy spots though because they just didn't want to sand smooth, so I threw in the towel and just did them "as is".  They're cheap things anyway, I wasn't going to spend a ton of time or energy on them if I wasn't going to get much out of them.

So what's your vote?  Too kitschy? Or cute?
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  1. I think they would be adorable in a nursery!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  2. I think they're cute Kammy! Love that stencil! Is it raining there? Windy, dreary, and blah here. We even had a little lightening and thunder last night. What a weird winter!

  3. Great transformation! I would love for you to link up at my Linky Party via: www.ourdelightfulhome.blogspot.com

    Mrs. Delightful

  4. Yell-Ohhhh! I wish I could paint furniture like you too and I wish we had this Joanne and Michel's here in Germany too. All the time I'm reading these names in blogs from the US. 60 cents for a stencil..you're too good at hunting bargains!

  5. I vote for totally cute!!! Love the pale yellow w/gray stencil. :)

  6. CA-UTE! and pretty :)
    Jealous of your stash of furniture, If I only had a place to store all of my treasures!!!

  7. Those tables look like they want to start dancing! I think it's the jaunty legs and the yellow paint!

    Nice job!

  8. Dear Kammy,

    Just found you through Blue Cricket Design. I remember end tables like that in their original form. Yes, I'm as old as the dinosaurs! LOL I like the two colors together but I think the tables would look better if you painted the stencil to look like real grass and flowers. That would be much more work but I think it would be great for a girl's bedroom as night stands; more versatile.


  9. Very nice. I remember those tables... ha ha

    Best wishes, Linda

  10. these are so sweet! i can see them in a little girl's room as nightstands... they are perfect!

  11. I have a very similar two-tier side table. It's been sitting in its natural state in my living room for some time, awaiting the perfect finish. I haven't decided yet for sure, but I think I'm going to cover mine in wrapping paper. Just looking for the perfect paper!

  12. Oh I like these. Perfect nightstands for a girls room:)

  13. I happen to read another post detailing a makeover of the same tables. The makeover ended with a pink and white stain, but the ones above also look great, especially with those whimsical little stencil prints.

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