Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Love A Blank Slate!

Hey, chalkboards all the rage right now!  Can't help but paint everything in my house with chalkboard paint!  "Hey Son, How would you like your forehead to be a chalkboard??"
And THIS is what I call a "Blank Slate".  Just a nice big chunk of wood something.  Magazines, underwear, hair nets, school papers, you name it - it's the perfect storage place for something perfect.  So of course it needed the perfect paint job.  I had visions of gray and white chevron stripes.  But after I primed it, I knew it needed a - what else - chalkboard!!!
 A little tapage...
A little homemade chalkboard paint...
(I'm trying to hit some of kind of guniness record with the amount of times I can post the same picture on my blog.  And since you'll ask: 1 cup flat paint to 2 Tablespoons Plaster of Paris.)

And some jute rosettes, secured with Elmers Wood glue.  Oh and a little sanding of the edges to get the perfect distressed look. 
Ahhhhhh.  Clean slates are so satisfying when finished.
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I'm wanting to keep this reeeeeally bad for myself.  But I need things to sell at Fabulous Darling so I'll probably be bringing it over there......  If you live in my neck of the woods and have not been there yet, time to him 'em up style!

And speaking of hittin' up shops, Don't leave your chair and hit up this AWESOME Etsy shop!!!!!  Like Whoa Mama, once this girl gets discovered there will be no stopping!!!!   I was searching for burlap wreaths and man they're just all outta my budget if I were to buy one, but then I found One Thirty One Designs and didn't think I was reading right.  But I was.  $25 for a big, beautiful PERSONALIZED bubble burlap wreath.  Wow, that was enough "B"s for the Bernstein Bear B Book!  She has other adorable items as well, all for a steal of a deal!
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  1. Great idea! I need a little "inspiration" place as well. Love the chalkboard idea!

  2. I would love something like this for remote controls; so cute! I'm a new follower and also joining your linky party. Hope you'll follow back and link to my Frugal Treasures Tuesday party. Have a great week!

  3. It's great Kammy! I always have so many magazines laying around too. This would be PERFECT for corraling all of them together. I love a good chalkboard makover ;)

  4. thats really cute and its a good remake because it looks like something that could be found at the thrift store--before you worked on it I mean. Can you do me a favor though? I need to see the picture of the plaster of paris one more time :D

  5. you did a a great job with this! it went from nothing special to something special!!

  6. This is such a great project! I love it's simplicity. In fact, it's downright cinchy ... and would be perfect at our "It's a Cinch" multi-blog link party. The link stays open until midnight Friday and when you link at one blog, you're automatically linked up to the party's five co-hosts ...

    Hope to see you at the party!




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