Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mirror No More

I redid this waterfall vanity for a little Princess (Click HERE to see), which would explain the pink in the next picture... but the mirror was just way to messed up, so I ended up switching it with one I found in a similar style at Jackson Resale Factory for $5 if I remember right.  I love those guys.  So what to do with the leftover?!!! 
It's been hanging out for quite awhile in my barn like this.
This little guy is whatchyacall obsessed with tools.  Power tools especially.  And if you know this little guy, you know that's probably a scary thing.  So for this project, I let him use the electric sander, since you can't really chop your finger (or little sister's finger) off with it.  
And it turned into -WHAT ELSE - a chalkboard!!!!  It's all the rage right now ya know... haha.  And I'm NOT GOING TO POST THE HOMEMADE CHALK PAINT PICTURE AND RECIPE AGAIN!  HAHA!!!!  I think I post it at least a few times a  week.  Go HERE to see it if you must.
I used a small zebra stencil.  My free hand is not that good.  :)
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  1. That's funny that you added that last line because I was like "man how'd she do that"..haha
    You had me!! :)

  2. But, OF COURSE! I am LOVING all the chalkboard paint, and what a great idea for re purposing the mirror! Popping over from the Fireflies and Jelly Beans party.

  3. Nice save! Good job - I have a chalk board project linked to the Funky Junk party as well!


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