Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shabby Rag Wreath

 Before a few weeks ago, I had never made a wreath in my life.  Thanks to the thrift shop where I got a mother load of foam and straw (?) wreaths for a dime a piece, I've not made three!  I think this one's my favorite so far.  And I don't even care much for the color pink.  It just seems so right on this wreath, though!  Sorry, I didn't take one single pic of the process, except for gluing the flowers onto these pants.
You see, after my two boys outgrow their pants, they're usually way to worn/stained to be able to pass on to any other child, let alone resell on consignment!  And you know how I can't just throw something away.  I decided to hot glue my fabric rosettes on the pants.  My little three year old was watching me with the funniest expression and then asked me, "Are you decorating my pants so Tori can wear them?"  (Tori is his little sister).  

Cut the rolled flowers out, and with a back on them, they were much easier to glue to my wreath.
To make the wreath, I cut a looooooong piece of the pink fabric out first and wrapped it all the way around the wreath until it was covered.  Then I just cut lots and lots of strips and tied them on.  It was super easy, fast, and fun!  I braided three long strips of fabric together to hang it with.

This wreath probably cost me a total of 50 cents!  "That's the way... uh huh, uh huh, I liiiiiike it.....uh huh, uh huh"
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  1. This is more beautiful than I can say!

  2. Love the wreath, so cute! I would love for you to share this with my readers on Blog Stalking Thursday!

  3. This is brilliant! Megan, you're an artisan!


  4. Love this! I bet the wreath would look different with each type of fabric you'd use -- this pink fabric is perfect!


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