Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Trick To Make Old Wall Decor Fit In Your New Room

 While I was helping my new friend Debra from Dynamic Designs paint the bedrooms in her new-to-her humble abode last summer, I saw her dip into the blue paint and grab a canvas and start painting carefully over the red areas.  I was highly impressed and knew right then that we were going to get along just great!  Here's how it looked:

And here's the color inspiration.  This gorgeous rug from Target and throw pillows from I'm not sure where. :)

Now, how easy was that?  Seriously took her a few minutes and saved her probably at least $20 for a new canvas.  Yessssssssss!!!
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And I'm quite excited, so I must share with you a few new products from one of my sponsors, Kit and Caboodle!
New SPRING Berets!!! 
Moody BlueCayenneBlooming Brown
I'm a hat wearer - when it's rainy, while I'm mowing, to church, windy days out shopping, horrible hair days....  I've always loved hats.  And these are starting at just $13.95!  So cute!!
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