Friday, May 18, 2012

My Blogless But Creative Friends #1

Every so often over here on this here Korner, I'm going to start showing off some of my peep's creative ideas that don't have blogs of their own to share them on.  So enjoy as I thief their pics off of facebook - some with permission and some without, tee hee.  Check out some of my clever friends!!

Can you guess what Wanda VanMill used to make those flowers?  The bottom of a plastic bottle!!!!  Woo hoo, go Wanda!
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Plain boring brown curtains?  Debra Lovell added a stencil!  All better now.
Lauren McDonald snazzed up a clock by painting it, putting zebra paper on the face and perching it on her Eiffel Tower. Ooo lala!
Trisha Grandon, who I graduated from highschool with and from the looks of it on Facebook is still as young and beautiful looking as ever, stole her boyfriend's t-shirts and made some sweet scarves!!
I didn't know what medicine caps were before I met Laura Netti.  This girl  makes all sorts of cuteness from them!  (Guess you gotta work in a hospital to get your supply of those!)  Oh, and in case you can't read them, they say Flip Off.  Oh dear.

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