Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 Pillows, 2 Ways

So I started out with these bluish pillows I found at a garage sale for 50 cents each.  Maybe they were in a free box actually.  I have mom brain and can't be expected to remember this stuff!  They've been used as pillow fighting tools in the basement and gotten quite dirty.  I was afraid they'd get all frumpy like their owner if I washed them so I cut a slit right across the top and pulled out the stuffing - which I was quite surprised to see since I thought for sure it was a pillow form!  They washed up quite nicely and I restuffed them.  Restuffing took awhile since I had to run around and gather up all the pieces of stuffing my kids thought was the perfect "snow" to have a blizzard with in my bedroom.
Sometimes I just gotta dig around in my craft room and find something that hits me.  This is what hit me.  This long strand of I-don't-know-what-to-call-it.  I hot glued it in strips across the pillow, most importantly across the big long cut I made in the middle of the pillow. :)
Well that was easy!  One down, one to go.

Since the coral pillow in the middle had a white flower, and now the one of the left had cream petals, I felt I needed to bring them both together.  So I fetched some long scraps of fabric using all three colors - grey, white, and cream - and braided them loosely together.  Since my son was being obstinate (he gets that from his Dad) and wouldn't hold the end while I braided it, I stuck it under a chair leg.

Then I coiled it around and around while hot gluing it down.  Now, you can't even see where I did surgery on the pillows. :)
Both pillows probably took a whole 25 minutes to make.  Quick and easy - just how I like it!

And there they are on my newly painted bed!!!  To see the 'no sew' tutorial on the pillow in the middle, click HERE.
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  1. I Love your pillows!! That's whats lacking in my house :(

  2. That first picture with the scissors going right in the middle looked scary...but what a nice way to wash and then cover up the whole crime scene! I enjoyed it !

  3. I love that little ruffled trim you used, Kammy! I think you've tied all three pillows in nicely.

  4. Those pillows are adorable! Love it, and now I'm a follower!

  5. Great updates! Love the ruffles!

  6. I love that last picture of the finished bedroom! How do you possibly have that much white in a house full of boys?


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