Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Photo Shoot With My Oldest

Now I am by no means an photographer, and don't claim to be!!!  But since He was lookin' all spiffy and in an extremely cooperative mood, I decided to have some fun with the camera, and later Photosuite. :)  Here's my five  going-on-fourteen year old.  We had fun.  Would I ever be able to do this with my middle child?  Not in a million years!!!  

These are taken in our yard by the way.  We are blessed with some beautiful scenery out here in the country!

 And to think he looked like this just a few short years ago (and I looked like that. wow, kids what have you done to me?!)

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  1. wow, Tobin, you are the man! I love you!

  2. I'd say you're a photographer!! Really nice pictures and an adorable son!

  3. Hi Kammy, what an adorable little boy you have! Love that blonde hair in a crew cut. Great pictures.


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