Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ruffle Lamp Redo For Master Bedroom

I promised the lamp redo, but I had to add some paint this morning first.  It was just too blah!  So here she is, ya'll! 
Can't even remember where I got this.  But you can be sure I didn't pay more than $2 for it!  

It was actually even black before it was this!  It sat half finished in the basement for over a year.  But something about the lamp was too cool and I couldn't pitch it but didn't have a spot for it either.  I painted it coral for that pop of color I wanted in my master bedroom makeover.  I decided this was just more "color pop" than I was wanting, and spray painted over the whole thing white.

It's always good to keep a supply of nasty lamp shades on hand.  Hey, it's okay to be a small hoarder in my world.  It was kind of yellowed and stained, but had a great shape.

Then I remembered the gorgeous ruffle fabric I had bought at Hobby Lobby  with a gift card I had gotten for Christmas.  Ohhhhh it was just the thing.  I relaly didn't feel like sitting down and making each little ruffle, plus the awesome thing about this fabric?  It's STRETCHY!!!!!!!!!  Do you know how SUPERB that is for covering a lamp shade?!!!!!  Well DUDE, if you've tried to cover a lampshade with fabric before, then you should know how wondrous STRETCH is.  And talk about EASY.  This probably took me THREE MINUTES FLAT.  I hot glued the all around the top edge of the inside of the shade and stuck it around.  Then flipped it over and trimmed the bottom, which was easy since  I just found one ruffle and cut off all the way around the bottom of it.  Plenty of fabric left for more projects.  Woo hoo!  And it comes in all different colors. :)

I still wasn't totally digging it over there in it's plain white state.  So this morning, I whipped out my home concocted coral paint and did all the swirls.
Since they were all raised, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy.  (I got that from my kindergartner who says that about 24 times a day).
What do ya think?  Better with a little color?  Cuz I can always spray paint the whole shabang white again....  But I think I won't.
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  1. Love added touch of coral and the ruffles....ahhhhhh! :)

  2. That lamp turned out great! I'm glad I'm not the only one who decides to change something over and over until it's totally right. By the way, that coral pillow is really sweet!

  3. Lovely. I'm glad you didn't scuff it. It's beautiful.

  4. love the pop of color. It's soooo girly :)

  5. Love it and love the touch of coral you added to the lamp, Kammy! I only discovered ruffled fabric this year; an online source actually. I had no idea Hobby Lobby carried it.

  6. Very lovely Kammy :) Very cozy love nest!

  7. Love love love everything about this project!, and great idea with the coral, it totally works!!

  8. Everything is beautiful and, yes, the color added looks fantastic!

  9. I love the ruffled fabric, and the coral swirls definitely make the whole lamp! I think the plain white risks looking like, well, you painted another lamp, but with the coral swirls, baby, it was born that way. ;)

  10. Love it! I think Kaden may be to blame for the easy peasy lemon squeezy saying. He has been saying that for about 2 years now ever since he heard it from his sister!!!

  11. I Love the ruffles. so cute!

  12. Really great makeover - super cute! My link party [The Inspiration Board] is up right now. I would love for you to stop by and consider linking this up! My readers would love it.

  13. YOu are a girl after my own heart. Love how you do projects spontaneously. For me there's almost no other way. And it seems those projects turn out the best. If I plan something it comes out all yucky and nothing goes right so I've learned to just go with it, not worry how it'll turn out. I get ideas as I go along and follow that instinct. How about you?
    By the way your little girl is so adorable I could just kiss her to pieces. The boys are adorable too. Reminds me of my boys, wish I could have them back at that age (and me alot younger too of course as they ran me ragged.)I have four kids. Oldest is girl, then 2 boys 16 months apart then got divorced/remarried and had another girl 6 yrs. younger than youngest boy. What a group.

  14. Love your room's color palette, & especially the lamp redo. Awesome use of the ruffled fabric, & that lamp base was made for coral swirls.


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