Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 Broken Down Curbside Finds Collide For The Kids

Wow, my title sounds like a tongue twister.  I always love a good tongue twister and actually love to impress my five year old by rattling them off as fast as I can.   Hey, he's hard to impress, okay? Yeah... so I'm lame.  So I've seriously had this post on the back burner for one whole year.  Exactly a year ago, was what I call the little town I live by's Junk Days.  Now the little town I live by has a population of about 900 and this week every year turns into a picker's heaven!!  Neighborhood garage sales the first weekend, then everyone in the town loads their "junk" on the curb and there is free removal the following weekend.  So all week long people (like me in my big red F150) are seen slowly scoping out the goods and loading up.  Last year I found what looked like a perfect red flyer tricycle!  On closer inspection, the two back wheels were messed up.  I brought it home anyway.
Lucky for me, I have good pals who are on the lookout for me.  Marie called me up one day and said she passed a lawn boy free on the curb.  Since I have a small lawn mowing business, she thought I might like it.  Being one who can't say no to "free" I of course said "yes".  We couldn't get it running right.  Well, guess what?   The front wheels ended up being the perfect thing for the red flyer wagon!
Check it out!  We replaced the cock-eyed messed up wheels with the Lawn boy wheels and.... Good as new!!!!  My 3 year old must have racked up several miles on that baby, hooking up dump trucks to the back with ropes and dragging around boards....  what a kid.  Anyways here's my quote for the day: never pass up free! :)

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  1. What a great idea. You have so much imagination, while I'm oblivious to the obvious.I wanna be just like you when I grow up.

  2. Great thinking! You always have to look at things in a different way!

  3. except that is a tricycle... not a wagon... that's ok kammy.

  4. Somehow I can NEVER pass up free, especially now that I have enablers like you to help me justify it!
    Cute trike!

  5. Really, how cool is that free transplant transformation? Way to go!


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