Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Plywood Pirate Ship

Now I know, this ole' pirate ship is none to professional looking.  I'm whatcha call the ultimate party procrastinator.  Usually the day of the birthday party, I start thinking about decorations, food, and all that jazz.  No joke.  Somehow I always manage to pull it off - it just never looks quite like you see on Pinterest!!   However, you can take this idea and finesse it for your own Pirate Party!
I started with this large hunk of plywood I found in our corn crib.  It was sort of already shaped like a ship.  To make the portholes (ship windows) I traced around a big dish, and then to be able to get my jigsaw blade in to start cutting the circle out, I used a hammer to pound in a screw driver.  It only worked if the plywood was flat on the ground, FYI.
My hubby doesn't bring me home gifts too often, but one day, instead of bringing home flowers to say "I love you", he bought me my VERY OWN JIGSAW!!!!!!  I'm in love.  It's so easy to run and I don't think I can chop my fingers off to easily with it.  That's a bonus.
I got the birthday boy involved and let him do some painting.  Sometimes it's more important to involve your kids than to make it look just like the Pinterest picture!!!  (Yes, I have to remind myself of this often!)
Grandpa Scott and my hubby came up with this great idea for the "Walk The Plank" board.  It was bouncy kind of like a diving board and the kids love it.  They put cement blocks under the end by the ship and fasted a board to the ship to keep the plank in place.

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Stay tuned for more from the Pirate Party!  Click HERE to see the 3D Pirate ship cake and Pirate Face cake.

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  1. Kammy, you did a great job and I bet the birthday boy was very proud of his, I mean mom's creation. I think you are right about involving fhe kids. Some of our best crafty memories are made with our little ones, definitely way more valuable than Pin-worthy! Congrats on the jigsaw, who needs flowers,right? My kind of man!!!

  2. That's fantastic! I love that you had him painting. And, I totally get the struggle of letting kids help because it won't look just right :) The memories are more important than that final picture!!

  3. this is soooo CUTE! how creative! i imagine they are going to have a BLAST all summer with it!

  4. What fun! Great time for the kids!

  5. This is adorable. What a really fun idea. I love watching the kids paint it too. Jodi @

  6. How did you keep the ship upright? I am making a similar photo prop and don't know what to do to keep it standing. thanks!

    1. We nailed some boards on the backside to the railroad ties that surround our swingset. That coupled with the plank, it kept it sturdy. Hope that makes sense!


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