Saturday, June 16, 2012

My First Real Work Of Art

Yup, I made that.  In art class.  When I finished, my art teacher told me she was sure I'd be the next Picasso.  Every time I go "home" to my parents in Iowa, I see this beautiful clay portrait and laugh.  Out loud.  I just had to snap a picture this time around to show you all!  See, I've always loved creating beautiful things! :)  
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Hope you're having a great weekend! 

Check out my new Etsy listings!  I promose I'm not selling any face sculptures!! 

Shabby Chic Bird and Hook  Sign Rustic Barnwood Peoni Flower Maroon/Bergundy Ivory Waffle Crochet Headband Gray and White House Rules Canvas Painting 16" x 20"


  1. So funny! I'm in SW Iowa but have lived all over the state! It's a small world. I love the LOVE shelf.


  2. Ha ha, that's a funny post. I see stuff I made as an adult and am amazed I didn't give up!


  3. Its wallace and grommit claymation or the guy from chicken run....

  4. Bwa ha ha! Are those teeth? I have a little squatty brown fired clay pot with a lid to go with it!!

    The love shelf is the bomb!



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