Tuesday, June 26, 2012

White Distressed Nightstand

Nightstand in night lighting might not have been a good idea....  But you get the idea.  Sorry for the unproffesional photos you are about to witness in this before and after rendition.  Another episode from my redone bedroom (the reveal STILL hasn't come.  Why?  There was a massive, humongo, catastrophe with the carpet.  Now I don't just want it ripped up, it needs to be ripped up!!)
Here is it's first before.  I thought it was the prettiest set of furniture (this is the nightstand of a four piece set) I had ever laid eyes on when I got married at the old age of 19.  
A few years ago when I decided I just couldn't handle the handles any longer....  I switched those out for some more up to date ones.  Looking for new drawer pulls/knobs?  Ebay is your place to go!  So much cheaper than in any store I've ever found.  
I painted it bright white, stirring in lots of Plaster of Paris to make my own chalk paint, and then distressed all the edges with sandpaper (what a workout!) and then polyed on a few coats to seal it up.
Click on over to see how the bed (my favorite redo!) turned out, my dresser, the Hubster's dresser, and my aqua antique dresser
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  1. Hi Kammy, The new bedroom is looking really good. You sure have worked hard on it! Thanks for the new giveaway! Mary

  2. That turned out great, Kammy! I'm sure the full picture of your bedroom looks wonderful. You've really completed a lot of projects for it. I wanted to share a new headboard in my guest bedroom, but hubby put down wood floors in the office {right next door} and in addition to office furniture taking up my living room, some things were put in the guest room. Not a very attractive picture!

  3. Paint really gives a piece of furniture new life!

  4. Beautiful! Was there any prep work to the original piece (like sanding) that needed to be done before painting?

  5. Hi! Just discovered your blog today and read back through all your bedroom re-do's. I had to laugh when I read the comment about your grandchildren stripping all your painted (vivid colors) furniture in the future. I must admit I love the blue dresser...the color makes me smile! You did a great job on your bedroom! LindaC P.S. I make my own chalk paint with p.of p.also.

  6. It's really love work with paint! I really love white too much and often use it for my home decoration. I am so inspired to see your work and would love to try for my old pieces and will try to match well with my existing furniture, please see here . Anyway, thanks for sharing this inspiring article.

  7. Gorgeous pics! that is so beautiful!


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