Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Table That Wouldn't.

One hot day, several summers ago, my mom and I were for some strange reason driving on an out of the way little street in our nearby town of 900 and it looked like someone had got evicted from the second floor.  Stuff had been heaved off the upper story landing and lay in a massive wreckage of a pile.  Oooo....  let's have a look!  I wasn't convinced of the situation, but Mom assured me it was free for the taking.  We snagged a neat kitchen table, still smeared with that morning's strawberry jam, and squiggled and wiggled it into the van.  I can't quite remember, but I think we managed to get a few other things too.  Then an old junker car started driving slowly towards us and we freaked out and burned it out of there.  Oh my goodness.  Should I even be confessing this on a public blog?!  Maybe someone will recognize this table and come after me!   And well, maybe we shouldn't have taken that table, because it would. not. sell.  It was long before the days of Kammy's Korner, so I didn't take a before picture.  But I refinished the top and painted the bottom in an Earth Brown/black color.
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 It didn't sell.  Wouldn't sell.  Not even for twenty dollars.  Okay, so it could have used a little reinforcing between the legs, but for $20?!!!   I packed it in my van and took it to a friend's house in Chicago, sure it would sell on Craigslist there.  Nope.  She didn't have the room to store the blasted, cursed table so she took it all apart and is designing a master piece with the wood for her brother.  Maybe some time in the next ten years she'll figure out what it is she's doing with it and will share it with ya'll!!!  I'm most curious.
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  1. Bahaha that is funny! I would have sped outta there like a bat out of hell too! :)

  2. It's so hard in Jackson to know when things are free...I miss my hometown when things were put out to the curb...It's cute, I'm surprised it didn't sell.

  3. LOL
    Love digging through piles of stuff...the hunt is exciting, isn't it!

  4. Hey that was my table !!! and it is cursed !!! hee hee j/k

  5. Bahahahah! Now, that's just rude. I swear I'll get around to that project..... someday :)

  6. Oh, and you forgot to mention that not only wouldn't it sell for $20 but it wouldn't sell for $10 either. AND.... no one would even take it for free off my curb. I left a massive pile of stuff and that was THE ONLY THING left. So yes, I tore it up and it is PATIENTLY (unlike Kammy) awaiting it's new life....... :)


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