Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Butterflies and Flowers for Ella

A friend of mine brought this dresser over and asked if I could paint it to match her daughter's new "big girl room".  So of course I said yes - how fun!
What I love is this dresser was her Daddy's when he was a little boy.  Always makes it better, right?
She handed me the front of this thank you card and said these were the colors I was to use.  She also gave me a quote scribbled out on a piece of paper which she wanted on the side of the dresser in pink lettering with the first and last words being lime green.  I did my best to stay exactly in those guidelines. :)
However, I did take the liberty to add a big butterfly overlapping  some of the drawers and curling around the side so it wasn't totally predictable.  Can't have predictable furniture, now can we?  What I am talking about.  I do predictable all the time.
Sorry for the photo quality.  Not sure what went wrong.  And since this is already at home in Ella's cute "new" bedroom, I can't retake these shots!
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I cut the butterfly out of paper and traced around it with pencil onto the drawers and then just free handed the rest in.  Pretty simple.  The flowers were a stencil that I bought at JoAnn's.  I went over the top and front of the dresser with Polyacrylic so it would be more durable, but as I was doing this on the drawers, I noticed when I brushed it over the stenciled flowers too much the paint was "wiping" off.  Ugh!  Never had that happen before... anyone else?  That means I decided not to poly over the quote as I was afraid the letters would smear.  Hopefully her brother doesn't decide to get too rough and tumble over there... heh heh... :)

Oh but the best part?  When we delivered it,  they fed us steaks fresh off the grill, delicious potatoes, corn, and fruit.  Topped with some mean ping pong games.  Great night!

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  1. Oh Kammy - this is just gorgeous - and the quote is beautiful -
    Loving this makeover!

  2. Cute! Wish you were MY friend I could bring dressers over to.

  3. That is so pretty, Kammy! I love how you did around the knobs and the butterfly overlapping the drawers! Such a pretty and fresh look for this dresser.

  4. were your flowers with acrylic paint? I've head that happen a few times. You can get a clear coat in the craft paint aisle. I find if i put a coat of that on first, I then can go ahead and use my normal poly on top of that. hope that helps!

  5. God Almighty that is AMAZING!!! I love it you did such a great job!!!! and I may have to steal your design around the handle idea...SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!

  6. Such a precious makeover and how awesome to be fed so well when you dropped it off! Any little lady would be lucky to have that in her room :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. what a sweet quote on the side! lovely!


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