Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Blogless But Creative Friends #3

Yup, I've been browsing through friend's pictures on Facebook again!  Wanna see what I've found for you today?  Sure ya do!  First up....

And also by Holly  - oh my, this cousin of mine (hey we may be distant cousins, but cousins none the less!)  - is just always working on a project and I just love going through her pictures on Facebook to see what she's up to!  Here's the "rugs" she painted on her long inviting front porch.  Such a neat touch!
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Gotta love another old window idea - and GOTTA LOVE that it's John Deere!!!!  This was done by a good junkin' pal and Iowa girl, Lauren.  Too bad we only get to go junkin' together once every two years, but it's sure fun when we do!
And I've always said, it's amazing what just a little paint can do!  My neighbor Amy, across the road, took this Builder Brass Chandy to much better heights with a sturdy finger on the spray paint can nozzle.  And without the pretty penny for a new one at Lowes!!  Way to be thrifty. You make me proud. :)


  1. Very cool! I'd be interested in an update about the fridge in the future to see how well it holds up. I have a cream colored fridge similar in size to hers that doesn't match at all. I'd love to paint it white but my husband won't go for it unless I've got some evidence to show it works lol

  2. I love the refridgerator, it's beautiful:)

  3. Lisa, the painted fridge is holding very well...with two crazy kids nonetheless! :) It's worth it!
    -Holly's sister


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