Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blogless But Creative Friends #4

Yup, I've been collecting pictures from my friends and I want to share some of their awesomeness with you again!  So here it goes:
I actually took this picture a couple years ago when I was at my friend, Jody Ospina's house, cuz I just LOVED it.  Now this is something anyone can do!!!  It's what I call the "lazy distressing method" and I actually just used it myself yesterday! (Jody, I promise I'm not calling you lazy!) She just painted one thin coat of black paint all over her wood book case and there you have it!  Looks like a million bucks! :)

Can you guess what is hiding under the jute?  Probably not.  I have it from the creator's mouth, Hillary Aspenson, that it's a coffee can!  Now that's a great example of a "trash to treasure"!
Okay, now that you've seen the picture, are you done "ooooing" and "ahhhhing"?  I snapped this photo at my friend Debra's house.  Let me tell you a few things about this picture (there's a lot to tell!)  First of all the canvases: she painted them with leftover wall paint and borrowed the lotus stencil I made (click here to see how I made the stencil) to create some fabulous one-of-a-kind wall art.  Secondly, the lamp is spray painted purple and the shade is recovered with fabric she found at JoAnn's.  Thirdly, the shelves were  made by her sweet hubby from reclaimed barn wood.  And last, the chair that you can see peaking out just a little?  Click HERE to see the before and after!
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And this is Hillary's (from the upcylced coffee can above) sister, HOLLY'S artistic work.  I think I have it right this time.... right girls?? :) She painted this on her son's wall - what little boy wouldn't want to wake up to that every day?!  Love the stop sign!
And there you have it!  Another round of my creative but blogless friends!

And speaking of creative, have you checked out the creativeness over at One Thirty One Designs?  She does beautiful things with burlap!  And the best part?  You can buy it ready made or customized at a GREAT price!!!  Check Kristi's stuff out:  
  Burlap Wreath with Burlap Bow

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