Thursday, August 9, 2012

Signage Designage

Yup, I get on "kicks".  For awhile it was a chalkboard kick, then pillow kick, then a Mountain Dew kick, and now I'm on a sign kick.  Well, mainly because they seem to make me the most money these days.  And since we're talking about kicks, it just makes me crack up remembering this really frustrating time during a family vacation once years ago when everyone was hot and miserable and we were lost and my dad hollers "I'm as frustrated as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!" and we all busted up laughing so hard we couldn't remember why were all so mad!  Anyways, last week I showed you the signs I made on some old cupboard doors I picked up on the curb.  This week, my signs are on old barn wood and siding scraps.

This is the one from a scrap of siding from my parent's cabin they built.  It's one of my favorites to use for sign making.  I free handed the tree in gray and then used stencils for the quote. 

This was one of the simplest ones I've ever made and yet one of my all time favorites so far!  When I was painting my shutters yellow, I still had a little on my brush that I didn't want to wash out.  I grabbed a near by old piece of wood and "cleaned" my brush out on it.  Then I just stenciled on my letters and the bird! 

And another old board... I believe this was torn off the side of my barn when my hubby fixed it up for me. :)  Someone actually requested this quote... so it was a customized order.  Woot, woot!
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  1. Hey there's nothing wrong with "kicks" lord knows I get that way with my colors and I LLLLOOOOOVEEE your signs. I might actually get you to make one for me. Let me know your cost for another one like the small yellow one. that is too precious!!

  2. Great sign, Kammy! And I love the story of your vacation. Great that your dad could make you laugh!
    The last sign reminds me of another similar saying, "Fear knocked, faith answered, no one was there."

  3. Love these, Kammy! Hmmmm... Maybe I should do some signs for the store. Lord knows I've got a TON of scrap wood I need to do SOMETHING with. ;) Love ya, girlie!

  4. I love the signs. I have been thinking of doing a couple for our home. Especially the would read "Rinse your dishes and clean up your mess."

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love your signs. I have been wanting to make one myself, but I never know what type of wood to start out with. You are lucky to have the "scrap" pieces.


  6. Your signs are great! I love hand painted, distressed signs. I'd love for you to share this post at my blog party, Twirl & Take a Bow at I think it would make a great addition to the party. It's every Tuesday through Sunday. Hope you can stop by!

  7. love this! would love to have you share over at our party!

  8. Fabulous! I love handpainted signs. Great job!


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