Friday, August 31, 2012

Cute Duct Tape Belt

Meet Mel.  Melly Mel has a big, huge, large, gigantic obsession with zebra.  So I decided to give her a five month belated birthday present and "make" her a belt.  Zebra print of course.

Here's what I used.  An old belt that I hadn't worn in ages.  Or ever.  Can't 'member.  A screwdriver to pry off all the large metal studly embellishments.  And of course, zebra print duck tape.
Ain't it CA-UTE?!  I love it.  And Mel, if you don't wear this... can I have it back??? :)
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 Of course...... if you know me, you know I don't throw anything away so you're probably wondering what I did with metal studly embellishment thingy mabobbers.  Well......

 One of them made it into the center of a headband........

The rest have yet to find a place in this world!

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  1. Got to be lovin' that belt. Never thought I'd like zebra but that's pretty snazzy looking. What a smart gal repurposing an old belt and gaining some great emblellishments on top of it. Really like those studdly things you got off that belt. You are a talented and very smart gal. Now I'll be looking at belts at the thrift store much differently. Doggone it I passed up the duct tape sale at the co-op last week too. Who'da thunk it?

  2. I love duct tape... I have done a few projects with it on my blog... Your belt LOOKS GREAT!

  3. This is the best idea ever! I am so going to do this ASAP! Thanks!

  4. I love duct tape.....and I love this me an idea...just got through with a duct tape purse....this is awesome

  5. I love the duct tape belt! I have the same one. I may just steal your idea.
    Love it.


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