Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plywood Wall Flowers

When my hubby came home with a sweet surprise for me last year, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  Plywood flowers!  Guys, as in male species, dudes, boyfriends, blokes, whatever you are, if you're out there reading this, next time you think about buying roses for your DIYer sweetie...  whip a "u-ie" in the flower shop parking lot and hit up Lowes for a power tool. You won't regret it.  (Hey, don't hold me responsible if that flops, okay?)
I had picked up the white flower once from an older gentleman who made it and just loved it.  It hangs on Tori's wall, over the little play nook door.  I laid it out on my sheet of plywood and traced around it with a pencil and cut it out.  While I didn't get it perfect, it wasn't too bad!
My kids can be like leeches.  Especially when power tools are involved.  After cutting out a circle for the middle, I screwed it on from the back.
'Twas fun painting them funky!
And there they are displayed at a craft show.  The one that about four people came to.  Epic fail.

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  1. Too bad there was no one at the show...your flowers are awesome! I'll take a few!
    Something else to use my dad's jigsaw for.:)

  2. Oh my - those are so awesome. I hope you dont mind me giving you a shout out on FB again. Pity about the craft show tho - I would have totally been there if I could have xx

  3. These are so darn cute! I want them all! Fell in love with them when you showed us your display ;)

  4. I love these. You chose great color combos. I just told my husband that I wanted a power sander and he thought it was a trap since I love flowers but I'm completely serious. I have a whole list of tools I want so hopefully he will start adding them to my collection. Great job on these.

  5. these are so cute, wouldn't mind one of these for my garden

    would love it if you could share this on my linky party Serenity Saturday, that runs from sat-thurs @

    Natasha xx

  6. I love these, they would look great in my garden area!

  7. The flowers look great. Your display is just beaming with life. I'd like to take them all with me.

  8. Your flowers are very sweet and I have this linked to my "plywood" post too today, for all projects made using plywood!


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