Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Harley Garage Makeover

No, no, this isn't mine.  Not only do I not own a Harley (sniff, sniff) but I wouldn't DARE show you pictures of my garage!  It's not something Kammy's Korner is proud of.  I'll blame that on The Man.  I actually haven't even had the privilege of seeing this amazing garage makeover in person, but I'm sure it's as clean now as when he took these pictures.  Let's just say my friend Paul is a little OCD.  I would feel quite comfortable eating my mashed potatoes right off his garage floor.  (Wait, if I was there, I'd be eating Maria's pasta - not potatoes, I'm sure!)  But then again, I also don't apply the five-second rule to food.  More like 45 second rule.... or a day depending on what and where it is... Ha. Okay, shall we have a look-see at the garage?
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 Sorry, he couldn't seem to find a single "before" pic.  No need really,  I guess we all know what a plain ole' garage looks like, eh?
 Yes, even the pole is painted all fancy shmancy.  I'm sure lots of you have garages like this, so this is no biggy.  Uhhh... right?!

And since this is a "manly" post, how about something "manly" from one of my sponsors?
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Back to girly things tomorrow.  I think.... one never 




  1. Gotta show this to my Hubby! We're big Harley people. He'll be so jealous. The ultimate man cave!

  2. A garage any man would love to have (including the motorcycle!). Looks great; wish mine were as organized and neat but alas! no way is that going to happen anytime soon. :)


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