Saturday, September 15, 2012

Girl Shirt + Curtain = ?

 Ain't I got STYLE?!  I mean hey, paint on the legs, cut off sweat pants...  it's no wonder people show up at my door and say... "uhhhhh.... are YOU Kammy?  You don't look like your picture..."  And yes, that has happened! Talk about a blow to the ego." Wow, sorry to disappoint you.  I typically don't wear high heels and curl my hair to answer the door, sorry." :)
So any yahoo, I bought the shirt at a garage sale originally thinking I'd sew it in down the sides and make a dress for my two year old.  Then..... when my mom was here, she convinced me it would make an adorable skirt!  I had also bought these curtains for 50 cents at a garage sale - not to ever use them as curtains mind you, but I knew I could use that already-sewn ruffle somewhere.

So cut off the straps, cut the ruffle off the curtain, sew ruffle to bottom of shirt and there you have it.  A darling skirt!
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p.s. It would probably best to use curtains that don't have what my mother calls "sun rot".  I guess this is when curtains have hung in a window for a reeeeeeeeeally long time and the sun makes the fabric very fragile....  I went to town one day (yeah, that's kinda a big outting for me) and wore it feelin' all cute and by the end of the day?  Well let's just say I need to cut the ruffle off.... and if I want another ruffle, I'll have to use some non "sun-rotted" fabric.  Urgh.  See, you get the ugly with the pretty here on the Korner. :)  It was a good idea, and cute while it lasted.

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  1. I agree! Cute idea. And SERIOUSLY!!? Any DIYer knows that you typically where your "grubbies" to do projects. I'd hate to see what they'd say about me. :)

  2. oh so super cute!

    Kammy, I'm disappointed to learn that you don't always refinish and restore while wearing heals, curls and pearls. Pscha.

  3. It's really cute, Kammy! Definitely replace the ruffle then. Love it with your boots!

  4. That skirt is so cute. I like it.


  5. SOOO CUTE! I buy stuff for the ruffles or the fabric too!

  6. Your mom was right, it does make an adorable skirt!

  7. I love this skirt. Sorry about your ruffle. I have some extra curtains, that would make a great skirt. What a great idea!!!
    I have a link party on Wednesdays called Wednesday's Adorned From Above. I would love to have you link this there.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  8. Oh good! I'm not the only one that buys old second-hand curtains to use the ruffles :) I have done that before... Love your creativity!

  9. GREAT idea, Kammy! You look so cute in it! :) You could sell those skirts, you know!

    xoxo laurie

  10. So cute! I love the ruffles and how the skirt looks with your boots. That's really frustrating to sew something to completion and then realize you have to re-do part of it. Grrr.

  11. Now that is a great idea! I will be looking at shirts and curtains a little differently from now on. Especially I am in the mode of creating some skirts. I need something to wear on Sundays, when I decided to attend church.

  12. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for sharing!!!!

  13. This is sooooo darling! Looks great the way you styled it with the boots and the belt and everything! I never thought about buying something to use for ruffles...genius ;)

  14. This super cute! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  15. This turned out so cute!! I found your blog via a post on Reduce, Reuse, and UPcycle!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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