Friday, September 21, 2012

GIVEAWAY w/purchase! Meet my "Bud Since Birth".

Guessing what year this photo was
taken will get you an extra entry
in the drawing! :)
Our mom's were friends.  My great grandpa and her great grandma were brother and sister.  We went to kindergarten together and graduated high school together.  We made gingerbread houses every Christmas, went on winter ski trips, and spent hours riding go-carts at my house and jumping on the trampoline at hers.  So when Tiffer Spiffer called me the other day to tell me about her new venture and asked if I'd host a party for Initials,Inc., I jumped in with both feet.  Okay, okay.... it was more like I stuck the tip of my little toe in and wiggled it a little.  Ha.  Tiff had to do some sweet talkin' and picky pursuadin' before I finally agreed.  Now I've never done something quite like this and I'm a little nervous it's not going to work out!  But we came up with a little plan.  You see, we thought we'd give you all a little incentive. Anyone who makes a purchase - NO MINIMUM PURCHASE - gets a chance to win $15 worth of FREE merchandise along with FREE SHIPPING!

  Now with Christmas coming up (and yes it really is coming up) I first thought about the hard-to-buy-for males in my family.  Some of them are gym rats, techy rats, or just plain rats (kidding, guys!) so I was surprised when I found some great stuff that would work for the men on my list! 

 Here are my favorites:
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****Many of you are telling me the links to not work - scroll to the end of the post and follow the instructions.  Sorry about that!****

Now just remember, unlike some of it's competitor's, Initials, Inc. will personalize and put anything you want on your bag/pouch/camera case/etc at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

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And then for the ladies and budget conscious, there are these lovelies which measure a whoppin' five inches across, for $6.  I know my mama would love to find one of those in her stocking!  (If she had one, poor thing).

And now three more that I just love, love, looooooove - and how AWESOME IS THAT INSULATED CASSEROLE CARRIER?!!  I don't know about your mother-in-law, but mine needs a cute one with her name on it!  She is always totin' food over to someone!

So now here's a word from Tiffani:

"Thanks for checking us out via Kammy's Korner! Let's put those advertising dollars to work and help our favorite bargain shopper to get some FREE stuff for her Korner of the world!!! :) Browse thru the catalog to see super cute travel bags, purses, wallets, & storage solutions (crafters-check out the Get A Grip to keep all your craftiness in one place!)! Don't forget the cute scarves, sashes and flowers to make it pop and the FREE personalization to make it yours! Feel free to e-mail with any questions! Like what you see and want to get some great hostess rewards? I would be more than happy to set you up with your own online or catalog party! All my contact info can be found at and when shopping, please click on Kammy's Party under "my events". Happy Shopping!"

Let's get the giveaway underway, shall we? Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Once you make a purchase, it will show you other ways to get entered.  Have fun shopping! :)

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**** NOTE:  If the links do not work go to: and click "my events" and go to Kammy's Korner Online Party.****


  1. Thanks Kam! You're the best! :)

    The scarf that is one of Kam's favorites is the customer shopportunity for this month! $10 with a $35 purchase! :) Please let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Haha I KNOW when and where that graduation picture was taken ;)

  3. I don't know where this was taken -- Guessing somewhere in Iowa. You are an awesome neighbor and blogger -- keep it up -- I look forward to your posts.

    I don't know how to put that it is me but it is'
    Amy Turner


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