Friday, October 5, 2012

Farmin' With The Big Boys

Earlier this week we had to made a fast and emotional trip out to Iowa for my great uncle's funeral.  We had Monday morning and early afternoon free so what better way to spend it than in the combine harvesting beans?

Huge tires - I think my little girl would make a great farm girl!
Sitting on uncle Sid's lap, watching the new head work it's magic with the beans.
Snacking on a candy bar from her treat bag from Aunt Linda.  When I was a little girl, I dug in my uncle's lunch box and ate the good stuff out of it. :)  So years later, I'm sorry Uncle Bruce, for eating the good food your wife packed for you!!

We learned a lot about soil and yields that I never knew before!  I could have stayed in that cab all day!  
While Tori and I were with Uncle Sid, the boys were making the rounds with my cousin's hubby, Dallas.

Good Ole Iowa Boys, right there!  

My little sister Karly (left) and her darling Lilly got a chance to ride with Sid too.  My dad is the short guy who my four year old is sure doesn't grow because he drinks too much pop!
 And while they were taking their turn...  we did a little exploring......
I felt like a kid again - going through abandoned houses with my best pal Mindy.  So much about this that makes you scratch your head and wonder.....  And if you were a teenager about fifteen years ago and ever went on one of my dad's famous scavenger hunts, you just might remember this place.  It doesn't look quite as scary as at night however. :)
I may or may not have snagged a little junk out of this mess......
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Michigan is now home, but I still gotta say - 
I LOVE IOWA!!!!!!!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about your Uncle!

    My Dad has a carseat in his tractor for the kids. Then when they ride and eventually fall asleep they are strapped in and comfortable! In the combine we put an old patio chair cushion for them to curl up and sleep on!

  2. Sorry about your Uncle, but it looks like you had some fun too !

  3. Check out the molding on that looks pretty!

  4. And Iowa loves you! That looked like a lot of fun! I love to go ride - did that last week with Scott while he was chisel plowing. So much fun!

  5. As an old-home owner Ive gotta say that last picture just makes me sad:( But its also fun to try to imagine who lived there, what stories the house holds,etc... Too bad its in such disrepair:(


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