Thursday, October 4, 2012

House Rules, Chalkboards, and Stencil Art

Did this one "off the cuff" the other day.  I just start stenciling words on to a painted cabinet door without any thought of what the next one might be and crossed my fingers that it all would fit okay and read well in the end.  See the painting to the right?  It's one of my mom's early paintings.  I think she found it in Grandma's basement.  I love it and now it's in my house!

Here's another cupboard door.  I hate writing on my chalkboards for blog pictures because my handwriting looks like a third grade boy's.  Please look beyond that and see my other shining talents.  *wink, wink*.

That was of course made with homemade chalkboard paint:
2 Tablespoons Plaster of Paris
1 Cup Flat Black Paint
Lightly sand when dry.

And then I just had to do this fun little artwork with one of my easy DIY stencils.  I used an ugly old wall plaque that I got and painted over from a garage sale.
Pin It  I'm working on some BIG projects right now, so hopefully I can share them soon!  Until then, enjoy this beautiful fall weather!!
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  1. How wonderful, love them all. And how I would love to have that painting, it speaks to my soul.

  2. I love the stenciled cabinet door !

  3. Beautiful, especially love the chalkboard!

  4. Great cabinet door. You have a lovely family and I really like your house rules. Stoppin' by from Saturday Nite Special with Donna.

  5. Wow Kammy, love that Jesus too!
    Linda at French Hen's Nest


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