Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Epic Pinterest Fail

So when I see a great, EASY, project to make my clothing unique, I'm going for it.  I LOVED the idea of this bleach in a spray bottle when I came across it from Homemaker and pinned it.  My big problem is this.  I look at pictures, get an idea in my head without reeeeally reading any instructions and have a go at it.  I mean, how hard can mixing water and bleach in a spray bottle and squirting it on a shirt be?  I grabbed a plain brown tee out of my drawer that I had thankfully only paid a couple bucks for last time I was in Mexico.  Then mixed up some bleach and got one of my favorite stencils.  That's where I went wrong. Jamee from Homemaker didn't use a stencil, KAMMY!

 It just looked real wet when I picked up the stencil and I ran outside with it and hung it over the chair in the sun to dry.  A few hours later I remembered I had a shirt out there with a REALLY COOL DESIGN on it waiting for me.  I was going to see how the first one turned out and then do more.  What a disappointment when this met my eyes:
Bleach bleeds.
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Yeah, I guess sometimes it really does pay to read directions.  Have I learned my lesson?  Probably not....  Check how to really do it at Homemaker.
Oh and for the record,  I actually HAVE successfully used a stencil on a shirt before... click the pic below to see the post:


  1. Oh bummer! I am sure you'll turn this into the cutest wreath or an adorable pillow! At least the bleach didn't soak through to the carpet ;)

    1. For sure! That would have been a disaster!!! Watch out for the fumes, too! They can get pretty bad and very unhealthy!!!Keep trying to amaze your followers, We love it!!!

  2. Too bad! It always looks easy when others do it, but I guess it isn't. I've only used bleach once to produce a pretty polka dot pattern on a towel - and that was accidentally, because I didn't pay attention while cleaning some nasty bathroom stains. So probably no bleach for me.

  3. I've had a tough day and that really made me LOL. Something about Pinterest fails get me laughin'! You should have seen the "sock bun" I tried once. Looked more like a hot mess bun!

  4. i did bleach t shirts with my kids this summer and it was a huge success!! so many options and they all turn out different. i printed designs i liked from the internet onto freezer paper. you cut it out and iron the wax side down to the fabric. it fuses easily and with this project, less is more. you dont want to totally saturate or the bleach can bleed under the paper. hope it works better next time! they really do make great shirts

  5. What a cute story! You're such a good sport to share it with us.♥ xoxo


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