Sunday, October 21, 2012

Semi Success from Pinterest

 Yesterday, I shared my epic Pinterest fail with you.  Today I'll share one with you that was pretty much a success.  I say "pretty much" because the design was a lot flatter than I thought it should be.  Hmph.

So I searched high and down low and could not find the original post for this" pin-spired" project and since I need to get to bed with this cold that's hittin' me smack in the head, I'll just tell you it came from somewhere on Questionable Logic's blog.  I found great stuff over there while searching for the source, so I guess it wasn't "wasted time"!
So it's really about the simplest thing you can do.  Draw a design on a canvas with good ole' Elmer's glue.
'Scuse the flash.  Must have been in a hurry, cuz these shots are pretty crappy - sorry!  I sorta wished I would have drawn a design on with pencil first instead of just gone totally off the cuff, but you know me by now.  Fast, furious, and off-the-cuff all day long.

Then when it dried, I just painted over it!  The original creator just painted one color, but I thought it'd be fun to blend a few different ones.  Then I added stenciled letters.  

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  1. Glaze it. Seriously. It'll pop the design out. Then post another pic :-) I love your interest projects!

  2. That is so pretty, Kammy! Got to try that. I am so sorry you are not feeling well, hope you are better this morning. Gentle hugs

  3. I think it looks lovely just the way it is! Hope you're feeling better soon. xoxo


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