Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Folding Stool Redo

Going to share a simple little stool transformation with you.  It's an awesome little stool cuz it folds up, and is regular chair height.  I usually need something taller than the normal step stool to reach things since I'm a massive 4'10".  So this is perfect.  It was a dollar if I remember correctly at a garage sale.  Wish I would have snapped a before pic, but plum forgot.  It had an icky red vinyl top and very glossy white metal legs and frame.
I sanded it down to make the metal look more worn and vintage.  It took the super high gloss shine off, and also all the black smudges.  
And since I needed something I could wipe off and easily clean, I went to my stash of vinyl tablecloths. :)
Since the seat cushion was so thin, even my shortest staples went right through when I tried my usual staple gun recovering method.  I had to resort to the hot glue gun.  It actually worked just great!  There you can see the red that was one it previously.  I just went right over top with the new material.
Pin ItAnd now I've got myself a cute little folding step stool.  It's my right hand man.  


  1. Super cute! Love your new right hand man! Awesome that it folds up and can tuck away - even though it's so cute you'll probably never want to :)

  2. Hi: What a pretty new look for your stepstool--I love the sharp contrast of the black and white top with the white legs, and love that it folds up for easy storage! Although I tower over you at 5'2 1/2", I also often need a stepstool for use around the kitchen, and this gives me ideas for making a pretty one, so thank you :) (It's rare that I tower!)


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