Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crazy Kidz Avenue

I've been working on my back hallway upstairs.  Finally.  You may have seen the ombre wall I painted across from the laundry room (which you can see peeking out in this picture) and the color I used for the top stripe just ended up covering the whole back hallway.  It looks white but it's not.  Kind of a light aqua green.  Anyways, my 6 year old is quite the artistic little dude and I've been wanting to display some of his paintings and coloring pages. 

Last week when I met my mom in Chicago, not only did I get Thing 1 (Ty) and Thing 2 (Tori) back, but she brought me a coffee table, a wagon wheel, and a huge stack of old barn boards!!!!!  I didn't even have to distress or paint it or ANYTHING!  It came exactly as pictured above, minus the words of course.  I used stencils to paint on my letters.  Would have been a really good idea to use a ruler or something to keep my "Avenue" letters straight though.  Sheesh, I get in a hurry and annoy myself later.

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  1. Hi,love your post as always !!!!!look forward to what you send, Peggy

  2. Oh, I do that to myself all the time: hurry to get something up, then get annoyed that it isn't straight!

  3. I love it! The painted frames are perfect for kids art and I love the fence board sign above.


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