Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Customized Canvas: Third Time Around

So this canvas has certainly made the rounds!  It started out as my friend Debra's, and it looked like this:

 Then when they moved into a different apartment, it didn't match her bedroom decor anymore so she simply painted over the red to match her walls.  Quick and easy solution, and I even blogged about it (hence the before and after text on the photos!).
 So now comes Debra moving once again, but this time to Canada.  She doesn't want to take everything with her and tries to sell her canvas.  No takers.  Phew!  I inherited it with a "do whatever you want with this thing!".  Woo hoo!  I painted it with my soon-to-be-trademark Lotus stencil and it looked like this in my display during my open house craft show last weekend:

I thought it was finally it's in "final" stage of life... Until a beautiful and classy woman walked in and requested the verse "Be still and know..." to be painted on it if possible.  I had done another painting with that verse on it and she had seen it on her friend's wall, who was also having an open house.  SO... we finally have a winner!  Gray, light aqua, and Psalm 46:10.  I think it finally looks complete and I hope the woman loves her new painting!
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  1. She is sooooo gonna love it! I loved it before at the sale but that verse is the perfect compliment! I hope you do trademark that stencil, and start selling them, the world would be a better place with that stencil all over it :D

  2. "Do whatever you want with this thing."

    What you did with it was nothing short of breathtaking!♥



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