Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Den's A Hoot

Laura, don't hate me because of my owl stash. 
 I felt so guilty after reading your "owl lovin' post" that I almost sent these to Iowa for you.  
But I was selfish.  
I kept them all for myself. 
 I picked these up here and there at thrift shops.  
They sit perched up there on my shelf all dressed in white and look outstanding with all their "owl-y" wisdom against that newly painted purple wall.  I still need to add a little dimension up there, but it's almost complete and ready for a before and after debut.  Maybe tomorrow night.  Who knows with me.  I've learned not to make blog promises!  (Like my gutted dresser?  Click HERE).
Ain't he a swell guy?!
Big granddaddy with his little grandson.

And we can't forget about this guy -
 quite possibly my favorite little bird of them all!

He's just perfect for my business cards!
Yay for them ole' birds tucked in the shelves at thrift stores
and white spray paint!
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  1. My daughtyer would be jealous of all your owls....the theme of the nursey for her second daughter is owls....the baby is due in January. I need to take a trip to a few thrift stores and see what I can find out there. Love the idea of painting them white....very clever!

  2. I would not say I am an owl fan. I have one owl, and I really like it. I like yours too, and I think the reason is because they are all the same color. Must be the mismosh of colors I don't normally like. So if Laura ever sees on the news owl's strewn about on the Iowa roadway, it was probably me.


  3. Precious!! I love those birds and just sold two I painte white :)

  4. I love your little Dresser/washstand! Great idea!! The purple and white...too cute! Oh, the owls are cute too ;)

  5. cute!

    I have a weekend party I'd love for you to share this on:




  6. Just beautiful Kammy!!!
    Everything about that room is unique and gorgeous!

  7. Cute! The owls look much better all white! Love the contrast of the white against the darker walls.

  8. Your owls look fabulous in white. Love the whole area!!

  9. You. Suck. LOL!!! But totally in a "I love you even though you're an owl hoarder" way. LOL!!! Love them!! They look FANTASTIC! And I am OWL-solutely jealous. :D

  10. Cute, would never have thought to do that...they totally take on a whole new look!

  11. That looks really classy! Loving it!
    I'm glad I found this post through Savvy Southern Style link party. :)


  12. I used to collect owls back in the, er, "a previous decade" when they were everywhere. I abandoned the hobby (and most of my owls) after I got married and didn't really have a place to display them that wouldn't offend my husband... and then they went out of style, anyway. Ugh!!! But now, of course, they're popular again, and I really miss my owlie buddies!

    Anyway, I love your spiffy white collection, and agree that you have found the perfect spot for them in your purple-and-white corner!♥ xoxo


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