Thursday, November 15, 2012

It was an outdated curtain...

I didn't even know what this was when I saw this all folded up at a garage sale.
But my hubby was with me.
And as usual, pressuring me to "HURRY UP".
So for fifty cents, I thought the pink flowers could be useful and scooped it up.

I ended up using it for the following to little projects:

There fabric was perfect to make these large coiled rosettes to spruce up this pretty pillows!
I cut it in long strips and twisted it around and around the knotted center, hot glueing as I went.
So simple and beautiful!
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  1. That is a very clever and cute idea! Thanks for sharing. I have some vintage sheets that I've been wondering what to do with. That would be perfect!

  2. Does that busy brain of yours ever stop spinning with ideas?!? What an adorable use for the flowers, and your rolled rosettes are gorgeous! And all for 50 cents!! I've been trying to make smaller ones like yours for use on hair clips/headbands, and haven't been able to make a decent-looking one to save my life! xoxo


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