Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shabby Little Table With DIY Stenciled Top

In true Kammy disorganized fashion, I can't find the "before" pic that I know I took.  
But I'm sure your imagination isn't that worn out that you can't mentally picture a plain wooden table.
 Or plant stand.
 I guess the top is a little small for a table, although that's what I was using it for.
I originally had made this stencil for a drop down desk, but thought it was the perfect thing to top this piece off.

I used my homemade chalk paint on it
(2 TBLS Plaster of Paris + 1 cup paint)
and sanded the whole thing to make it smooth, using a grittier sand paper to distress all the edges.
The top got a good coat of polyacrylic.
 Always use polyacrylic on white so it won't yellow!
 Lesson learned.

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And HEY, before you go.  Yeah YOU.
Have you ever checked out The Old Mason Jar on Etsy?
If you have someone on your Christmas list that is young and tomboyish... I think they'd LOVE to unwrap something from The Old Mason Jar.
Like maybe this:
Winter Innesko  or  The Original "LOVE" Shelf

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  1. Uh oh! Your lotus stencil has some competition! I seriously love this and think I may be sufficiently motivated to make my own stencil (finally)!!!

  2. i love the unique base on that table- so cool!

  3. The stencil is a great match to the shape of the legs. Wonderful transformation.

  4. Lovelovelovelovelove it!!♥ xoxo


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