Sunday, November 18, 2012

Transform The 80's Wood Decor

So here's my story:
I paid 25 cents at a garage sale for this "gem".  I painted it white.  Then a few weeks later, I was thinking I should do something with it to sell at my openhouse.  
Yes, the morning of, actually.
I was about to look for some cute fabric to staple behind it when, no joke, this woman knocks on my door
 (we'll call her Marie)
with a Christmas apron on and says
"I'm your elf today and I'm here to work in your craft room.  Throw some projects at me!"
I know you're extremely jealous that the elves know where I live.
And you should be.  
Cuz elves are awesome.  Especially ones named Marie.
 So I handed her this Home Sweet Home wooden thingy-ma-jig, pointed to one of my trunks full of fabric and said find something cute and add it to the back.
She glued the fabric (and oh how I love her choice) onto some cardboard before attaching it.  Good idea.  I  hadn't thought about actually making it sturdy.  Anyways, ain't it CUTE now?!  Anything that's wood and I can pay for in dimes, I buy.  It can always be made cute with paint!!
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  1. if your elf knows any fairies have them sent my way! love the elf's fabric choice!

  2. I love the transformation and love the sign!

  3. Hmm... most of your post is all jumbled up on my screen--all the text between the two pics is on the right-hand side of the page and is obscured by the usual links, etc., that live over there. But I was able to read most of it on my Blogger Dashboard page, so I got the gist of it.: )

    Anyway... yay for elves named Marie, and yay for your "gem" that's a *real* gem now! xoxo


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