Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harlequin Bench and WEBPATCH 90?!

I was a at garage sale this fall and snagged this bench for $5.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture before the paint brush smacked it.  The neat thing about it is, the top opens for some storage.  Not a lot of room, obviously, but great for mittens or maybe magazines or even a few mice.

Okay.  Now you all know by now that I've never claimed 
to be the sharpest tool in the shed. 
 I'm blonde and I'm afraid the last few years I've been part of the reason they have a bad rap (sorry, fellow blondies, - I truly am!!! Forgive me!)

So my typical way to paint furniture is use my good ole' DIY Chalk Paint which would be: pour some paint into a container, dump in some Plaster of Paris, and stir it up real good.  Well can you BELIEVE I never even realized until after I loaded these pictures....  that lately, I haven't been using Plaster of Paris at all!!!   I've been using Webpatch 90!!!!  Whatever in the tarnation that is!  Well, I guess it says right on there.  Floor Leveler and Patch.  Yup, well, maybe THAT would be why the paint was nearly impossible to sand off and distress when I did my bedroom furniture!!!!!  Wow.  Hey, you want painted furniture that ain't gonna scratch?!!!  Yeah, me too.

 Just so you don't think I've totally lost it, come on and have a look at the carton of Plaster of Paris.  SEE??!!  You could have mistaken Webpatch for Plaster of P too and you know it! :)  (Although, you maybe have discovered it months before I did!!)

Back to the bench.  After my mixture of white paint and Web patch, I used my trusty ole' harlequin stencil from Hobby Lobby on the top in gray and then gave it a clear coat of polyacrylic.
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  1. Hi, Kammy

    Love your table and how it turned out. I found your lovely blog from Home stories a to z link party. I just love looking around your lovely blog and I am a new follower too. Love for you to stop by www.homesweetbutterfly.com. Have a great week.


  2. I love this table! I have always wanted to try a harlequin piece. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Cute! Looks great~

  4. Kammy.....thanks for the laughs! I miss you friend!

  5. LOL....I'm not a true Blonde, but I swear sometimes my roots must be "wanna be's" or something! You're too funny! It turned out GREAT in the end! And, I always get in a hurry and forget those before's too! ~Tammy

  6. LOL! Now that's hilarious! Oh well... Now, if we want to mix up some homemade chalk paint that won't scratch, we know what to use! LOL! Love the bench! (And where can I find hedge apples around here????)

  7. Your story cracks me up! Well, it worked anyway right and you won't have to worry about it scratching or if it is level...lol! The table looks fantastic.

  8. I've always loved the harlequin pattern, and your bench turned out just great, no matter what paint you used!

  9. What a happy accident. I may need to try this.

  10. Forgot to say your bench looks great.

  11. What a cuteOops! Sounds like something I would do! It looks pretty anyways! I just started a new link party and would love if you would come on over and share your post or social media sites. http://designeddecor.com/talkin-about-thursday-3/


  12. uh oh! how funny. There have been a lot of things I have discovered when I upload pics, but this is the funniest I've ever seen. :)
    Love your bench!

  13. I clicked over to THIS post from another post of yours to see what in the heck "webpatch" is! Hey, do you know that I had some leftover (from a 14 POUND box) of powdered wall texture from the home improvement store and have used it for two years in making my own chalk paint. It still has not run out. I guess a lot of things with that powdery texture can be used to make "chalk paint".


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