Thursday, January 17, 2013

So what if I let the kids write on the walls...

Welcome to "The Play Nook".
Where kids can just be kids.
Open this child size door to:

The only place in the house where doodling, coloring, painting, etc. on the walls
is A-Okay!
 When my six year old unlatches this door.... he's in art heaven.
When friends come over, he makes sure they all autograph the wall or ceiling.

Looking back through the door into Tori's room.
 You can tell this is an old photo as there is still a crib in her room!
When my four and two year old climb through the door and down the little step.... they enter into a world of pirates shooting canons through the railing down below at the enemy.  Or soldiers in the civil war hiding out in their fort.  And lately, it's been their little house, with Tori's three dolls to rock, feed, and put to sleep (all while keeping guns aimed at the enemy below, just in case!)

When we put our addition on two years ago, this was originally going to be a storage space behind the laundry room.
Above where this door is cut-out, there had been a window looking out over the backyard.

As I'm looking at these old pictures, I'm thinking to myself,
 "did we really keep Tori sleeping in her room during this time?!  Good grief!

Here is looking up at it from the main level.  Yeah, it was slightly dangerous having an unfinished railing and toddlers running around the house!  You can see the dark little doorway that leads back into Tori's room.  Can't even say how glad I am all this construction business is over!

Hey, Grandma Kim!
 I do believe she got a few extra gray hairs before this project was finished.

And here's the view looking down into our living room.  Or, as Ty would say, the "enemy territory".
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 And someday soon, I need to paint the walls white again so they can start over.  Tobin is much more sophisticated in his drawing abilities these days and is embarrassed of his artwork that adorns the walls.  (Mr. Perfectionist all the way).  Also, there isn't one square inch of white wall space left!

So glad we decided to change this from storage into a play nook!  Tori is too.  I think she's napping and she's snuck into the play nook to spy. :)

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  2. OMGosh that is so AWESOME!!!! I love it!

  3. So COOL! Love your new blog look too! So pretty :)

  4. This is too funny. I too live in an old house and have dormer closets/nooks. I also let the kids decorate the walls. They were a little older that your kids so I have who they once loved and their friends signatures and their loves. HaHa. It is still there and I can not bring myself to paint over this. They were in their early teens and now are in their 30's, love the memories. Now I have grandkids and they too love to draw on the walls, but in chalk. I do not think I could bear it if they wrote over the original signatures but one day I will let them do there own thing up there and I will not paint over that either.

  5. You're the coolest mom ever! This is a great idea for the storage space under our basement stairs.

  6. What a fun room! My grandpa built me a playhouse when I was younger and I would have friends over to write all over the walls with our sillyness. Such great memories!

  7. That is awesome - every house needs a little nook like that!

  8. how sweet! I bet your kiddos grow up to be very creative people! :)


  9. You could paint the walls withbthecwhite board paint!


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