Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Industrial Clock From A Fan

Beyond The Picket Fence
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  1. Now that is clever! I like how that turned out.


  2. I really like that! Great idea!

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly

  3. I can imagine that on a display in some high end designer store! I know its a wordless post..but please tell me how did you attach the clock to the frame? I might steel the idea!!

  4. Love this! Makes the clock more of statement piece. I will be on the look out for old fans at the thrift stores now! Following you and would appreciate the favor back at

  5. Kammy great idea! I LOVE the idea of making a simple clock look awesome!

  6. Clever idea! Industrial has so much potential for upcycling. How could you ever throw anything away ever again when it could be used to create something?

  7. I bet your mama is rolling her eyes no more - it turned out FANtastic!

    {sorry...I couldn't resist}

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  9. Hey, check out my take on the clock..your post was a push towards making it.

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