Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bunny Birthday {My Tori Turns 3}

My little sweetie is turning THREE!  
(We had to celebrate a couple weeks early this year).
This year's theme didn't take much thought as I took advantage of the approaching holiday.
Dollar Tree is full of "Bunny" goodies!

Now just so you know, I am not one of those "go crazy" party planners.  I have a theme, but just hint at it here and there, spend only a few dollars, and do everything but the cake an hour or two before guests arrive.
Do not expect anything too amazing or you might hop away with a limp. :)

My friend and partner-in-crime Maran made this banner for Tori as a baby gift.
Three years ago, obviously. :)
I stole it off of her headboard for the party.
I grabbed this darling rabbit out of the snow in my landscaping by the garage.
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"Let me finish my Peep before tackling
 that heap of presents, kay?"
Now I'm ready!  And totally oblivious that
 there's a gunman sneaking on the scene....

Nothing like a little "Bunny Bingo" to settle the cake!


  1. what a fun little party you had for your Tori, all the things look so yummy, love the beautiful cool and the pretzel sticks are sweet...

  2. Tori is adorable and that bunny party looks like it was fabulous! 3 is such a fun age. :)

  3. Kisses to Tori from Poland!!!! :*

  4. So adorable - Happy Birthday Tori!!!! Cute banner!!!

  5. Enjoy every minute of Tori's being three. She looks like you could just "eat her up" along with that yummy looking bunny cake. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

  6. She looks so happy with it;) love that you made it so cute on the cheap.... Kids don't care how much $$$!!! They just like to feel special and loved that day;)

  7. This is what memories are made of---so cute!

  8. This cake looks absolutely precious! Question - what did you use for the whiskers? Thanks! :)

    1. Toothpicks! :) I think I use d sharpie to make them black.


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