Sunday, March 17, 2013

Signs On Laminate Flooring And Barnwood

Was digging through photos and realized I never showed you some of the signs I made about a month or two ago when I went on a massive sign-making frenzy.  I go on one of those about once or twice a month.  Enjoy!  
And please.  If you pin or copy, please give credit where credit is due. It's only fair. :)  And life is fair, right?  Ha.  That's sure not what I tell my kids...

These three signs (as well as the "love" one above) are painted on scraps of laminate flooring with my DIY chalk paint.  In other words, dump a good pile of Plaster of Paris into whatever paint you want to use and stir it in real well.  If you don't do this, prepare for your signs to scratch easily!  And make stencils your friend! You wouldn't believe the fabulous stencils you can for cheap at Wal Mart or with those JoAnn's coupons that seem to come in the mail every fifteen hours.  What, your mail doesn't come more than once a day?  Pshhh.

I needed a manly stencil (cuz dude, ya can't put flowers and fluer de lizards - whatever that doo dad is called - on a "man cave" sign)  so I googled in something like "buck" and found an outline I liked and made a stencil.  You can see my easy stencil tutorial HERE if you're interested in making your own without spending those hard earned dollas on crazy things like cri-cut machines.

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See ya'll back tomorrow night when Trash 2 Treasure Tuesday goes LIVE!! 


  1. I never thought of using flooring. That's a bit easier to find than real barn wood. Great idea!


  2. So pretty! I love the "You are my sunshine" one. I have had my eye on it in your shop for quite some time now...

  3. so creative! Love it....Found you over at Diary of a Housewife! I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out!

    Tuesday Time Out @ Reasons To Skip The Housework

  4. What a great collection of signs Kammy! I'm featuring them in the PoPP Spotlight this week. Thanks for linking up.


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