Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Spring! {Wreaths and Birds}

 The other morning, when the sun was sleeping in and I was wishing I was too, I looked outside to see what all the racket was.  The tree behind our house was loaded with birds!  I could only imagine it was a bunch of females all sharing their pregnancy and birthing* stories as nobody was taking turns, they were all talking at once, and all trying to make their story sound more dramatic than the others!  "Is that so?  Well, I popped out thirteen eggs and one of them weighed fifteen ounces and to top it off he was breach".  "No way..."  "Yeah way, the big side of the egg came out first!  And not only that, but his beak was already poking out, do you know the pain that causes a mama down there?!  And the midhen had the nerve to tell me to stop getting my feathers so ruffled!" 
Then I grabbed my camera and was hopping out the door in my hot pink pajamas to snap this picture when my little boy pulled on me to stop.  "They'll hear you and all fly away!!".  I was real quiet, got my picture, and they just kept right on a cacklin'. :)

 Click here for my rag wreath tutorial.
  Easiest thing you'll ever make!
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*p.s. I guess birds don't really "birth"... therefore they would have "laying" stories, not "birthing" ones.  
Wow, what is with my corny self today?  It must be my low-cal diet.  My body is not handling the lack of cookies and ice cream well!

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  1. hahahah love your sense of humor Kammy... and yes a low-cal diet will make one a bit loopy! ;)

  2. Heeheehee, that bird conversation is perfect!

  3. I always wondered what those birds talked about when they all sat together in a! I love your wreath, Kammy! I think I'll give it a try. It looks like a lot of fun!


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