Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Ficeks Round 2 {Indoors}

A couple of weeks ago, I did a post on the Fabulous Ficek Backyard.
It turned into a popular post fast and images of the Ficek's creative
 and fun vintage backyard was popping up on Pinterest.  
Visiting this awesome family was one of the highlights of our trip down South for Spring break.  
Since the outdoors was such a hit, how about a little photo tour of some of the great vignettes inside the Ficek home?

The hutch on the left was dug out of an old barn,
 and Ted filled in the missing front panels with barn wood.In the bottom right photo,
 a table that Ted made and then weathered by beating it with chains and other destructive activities is surrounded by a great plethora of colorful vintage chairs
 (minus the one my hubby sat in and broke - sorry Rachel!!).
Each hat in this over-the-bed display belonged to a special family member of Rachel's.

 One of my favorites in the whole house - this creatively displayed rolling pin collection:

LOVED these bottles hanging from ribbon in their master bathroom...

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And here I am with the wonderful woman behind all that amazing vintage-ness!!
Great Place + Great People = GREAT SPRING BREAK!!

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  1. Beautiful idea to attach some belts to a cutting board and hang up your rolling pins that way! I might have to duplicate something like that.

  2. What a precious home!! Love all the vintage awesomeness they have going on in there :)


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