Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eerie to Enjoyable Owl {Cookie Jar}

I was driving through a small town one day when I saw this old shop with a big sign in front of it's open door that said "GARAGE SALE".  There were lots of really neat old antiques.  I guess they'd be old if they were antiques.  I'm a bright one.  This owl caught my eye.  I am so used to looking at "what it could be", that I didn't notice how disturbingly creepy and gaudy and  just plain unsightly the thing was until I got it home and it sat on a shelf in my craft room, winking at me with that one open eye. But... I have soft spot for vintage cookie jars , since my grandma collected them and shucks.  It's an owl.  I always buy owls at sales if the price is right!  

It took quite a few coats of spray paint to cover up those bright yellow buttons and orange straps and feathers.... but oh how handsome is this hootin' cookie jar, now?! After I got it as white as I possible could (some yellow was reeeeally stubborn and you can still see a hint of it) I sprayed it with a clear sealer to protect it from the cookie monster scratching.

I decided to do a google image search to find out if there were any others out there and to see how much my little guy might be worth.  Low and behold, I wasn't the first one to find this at a sale for a few dollars and paint him white!  
How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar
 Check out Crafting A Green World and her owl.
Guess we share the same wavelength somewhere along the lines..... :)

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  1. Inspiring! I have an owl that I keep wondering what it would like in white, it's tall and open like a large vase. I'm going to go for it! Thanks, yours turned out absolutely adorable!!

  2. What a difference! He's so not creepy anymore, he's totally adorable.

  3. This cracks me up, girl!! The weird thing is that it hasn't sold! I'm considering bringing it home! I'm glad you left me a comment on Crafting a Green World because I actually "follow" you through my personal blog, Revolutionaries, and I know that I would have seen this haha! :) Great minds think alike!

    -Bonnie @ CAGW & Revolutionaries

  4. What an amazing transformation!!!
    Oh the power of paint !!!

  5. Love this! I was really sold when I saw the before photo, this is an amazing transformation. Two thumbs up to your creative eye.

  6. Your owl turned out soo pretty! I had to laugh when you said that you didn't realize how creepy it looked until you go it home. That's something I would do too. lol


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