Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mailbox Makeover/Landscaping {Before and After}

Are you like me and have "before" pictures that you really wish you didn't have to show??  This would be one of mine.  As you can see, I attempted once to landscape this area.... and well yea.  You can see how that worked out for me.  I must have been pregnant and chasing a toddler or something at this point in my life.  Yes.  That is my excuse for the disaster and neglect you see below.

Has anyone noticed a pattern here?
My mom doing all the hard work on my projects?

So the only thing I ended up buying was black plastic and a pick up load of rocks from the Carr Brother's just down the road.

Yes, my poor flowers are thirstier than a she-bear.  Someone needs to text me a reminder each day to water them.  They'd appreciate your kind gesture, I'm sure.

A gorgeous pink bloom on one of my beautiful "Rose of Sharon" that I'm trimming into a topiary tree.  Thanks, Marie, for not throwing out all your wild Rose of Sharon's and giving them to this little waif.  They are so pretty!

I love these old fashioned Holly Hocks.  My mom split her's and brought them all the way from Iowa to Michigan for me! 
 She must love me.  

I would still like to do a stencil on the mailbox, but since it's been on my "to-list" now for over a month, I gave up and decided to do this post before the snow covers the whole pretty scene!

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