Monday, September 2, 2013

The Plounger {Waverize It!}

Who likes Waverly Home Decor Fabric?
"I do!  I do!"

Who likes to win fun contests?
"I do!  I do!"

Well, let's help them celebrate their 90th anniversary with some fun!

September is National Sewing month.
You didn't know that, did you?

Well now that you do
check out this fun project I (with help from my totally rad and way better-than-me seamstress mother) sewed up for the Waverize It contest.  
Then get yourself some Waverly Fabric and enter the contest JoAnn's has happening until September 22nd on Facebook

 You - yes you - could win a JoAnn's gift card and nine yards of fabric!

JoAnn's sent me this super fun green fabric:
Seeing Spots Wasabi by Waverly
About a year ago, I had bought a fun green and pink paisley print on clearance and it happened to coordinate super well with what JoAnn's sent me for this project.  Score!

We (my mom and I) sewed the paisley fabric on to the other remnant which was about 60 inches long, making it a total of 80 inches in length.  We then sewed wrong sides together, like a giant sleeping bag.  After flipping it inside and out, we then measured about twenty inches - wide enough to stuff a pillow into each section) and sewed a seam the short way, every 20 inches.  I hope this is making sense. Here's what it then looked like:

After stuffing the pillows into each of the four compartments, I closed the openings by sewing on over sized pink buttons (buying this whole container full of  buttons was much cheaper than buying them individually).

It's soooo comfy!!

This plounger (pillows + lounger) 
took about two yards of fabric.  However, if you wanted one for a taller person, you could also get another half yard of fabric and add a fifth pillow.

Fold it up accordion-style and tie it with a ribbon! 

Now it's your turn to Waverize It! 
 Enter the contest on JoAnn's Facebook page HERE.

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  1. What an adorable idea! Love the colors and the fun loungy idea.

  2. Kammy, I love this! I want to make one now! Pretty fabrics too :)

  3. You take after your mama, & she is a genius!

  4. Amazing! I love how it folds up nicely too.

  5. Super Adorable and oh so FUN!!!!!

  6. Kammy, you still got it girl! I love this!

  7. Love your project! It's such a great idea.

  8. This turned out so cute!! If you like to link up come over to Craft Frenzy Friday at! It goes live Thursdays at 7:00 PM Central! I hope to see you there!

  9. Love this! The fabrics are so cute! You get a chance, please link up to the Suburbsmama Sunday Linky Party:

  10. Shouldn't it be... "We then sewed RIGHT sides together, like a giant sleeping bag", then you turn it right side out and sew across the width to make the sections for the pillows? This might confused inexperienced sewists. 😊


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